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Depression is often -and falsely- used to describe those feelings of sadness or being fed up as a reaction to a challenging or stressful situation. Those feelings last a short period of time and then recede without trace.

However, with true depression the person experiences feelings of sadness, low mood, feelings of worthlessness, meaninglessness of life, helplessness, pessimism, thoughts death or of suicide, fatigue, disturbed sleep, irritability every day for more than two weeks. The symptoms then also interfere with their daily activities. Very often we don't know why we feel so low and seeking for help sounds embarrassing. We hope somehow the situation will get better. This then means we suffer longer than necessary.

Particularly men find it more difficult to seek help for depression. Partly this has to do with the ideal image of men being strong, tough, and resilient to the influence of feelings. Another reason for this is that men find different ways of how to deal with the causes of their depression. Some of the frequent symptoms for this are:

    • Regular and frequent outbursts of anger or hostility
    • Violence
    • Physical / emotional abuse
    • emotional coldness
    • working abnormally long hours
    • substance abuse
    • sexual dysfunction (loss of desire, erectile dysfunction)
    • indecision / procrastination

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