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What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a state of mind in which you have an altered awareness. You are still fully aware of what is happening, but you can focus on a chosen subject on a deep level without anxiety. It is a state which you enter voluntarily with the help of the therapist. It is usually a deeply relaxing experience. In therapy it allows us to make psychological changes that would take a lot more time or would not be possible just by talking about them.

What is psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is a talking therapy. It covers a wide range of approaches. Other than in counselling, you will be able to explore you issues in greater depth and uncover the reasons for your problems particluarly if they have built up over a long time. As all my work is confidential, the psychotherapy sessions offer a safe space to express and explore even painful orotherwise difficult emotions and epxeriences. By gaining deeper insight your capacity for choice will grow, allowing you to be more autonomous and self-determined. For more information, click here.

What is Hypno-Psychotherapy?
Hypno-psychoterapy is psychotherapy with applied hypnosis. The element of hypnosis facilitates a safe and more relaxed exploration of issues and create changes in emotions and behaviour. The United Kindgom Council for Psychotherapy, the leading regulating body for psychotherapy, recognises this form of psychotherapy. For more information, click here.

Which psychotherapeutic approaches will be used?
Each person is individual and so will be the therapy. I have been trained in a wide range of psychotherapeutic approaches and usually combine elements of different ones if appropriate according to the needs of the client. My main focus is on Analytical Psychology (C.G.Jung) including dream analysis and Gestalt Therapy. I also use Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and NLP.

How long will the therapy be?
The length of the therapy is very individual. Short-term therapy usually can last from 2 to 8 therapy sessions. If the issue is more complex, it can be longer.
Each session lasts up to 60 min and is most effective if arranged on a weekly basis. Depending on clients' commitments a two-weekly rhythm is possible, too.

What happens when I come for hypno-psychoterapy?
In an initial consultation you have the opportunity to discuss your issue or problem with me in strict confidence. The procedure of hypnosis and hypnotherapy is explained to you in detail. This is usually followed by a short introduction to a hypnotic trance or a short introduction into a relaxation technique, which allows you to experience it before you decide to receive further treatment.
At the end of the session we will discuss your specific therapy as I consider it best for you at this stage. This includes the necessary approaches, whether it will include hypnosis, which steps will be required, the frequency of sessions and an estiamte of the length of your therapy.Depending on the structure and depth of what you want to change in your life, the number of sessions needed will vary.
In the following sessions you will enter hypnosis for longer and in more depth. We will also explore your issues more thoroughly. Most of the time you will learn a simple, but effective technique of self hypnosis, which will serve you as a tool in between sessions. Depending on the nature of your issues, I will work with suggestions or alternatively with images based on your information while you are listening to me in hypnosis. This is usually a very relaxing experience and particularly when working with images you will be able to be very active in your mind. After the hypnosis there is time to discuss the procedure and the experiences before the therapy session ends.
If appropriate and required, a recording can be produced to support you in the time between the sessions.

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