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Life Changes

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It is my belief that we all have a unique purpose in life that gives us meaning. Any event that disrupts our flow of life to which we have become accustomed has, in my experience, some connection with the meaning we give our life. These events challenge everything we have believed in, in which we trusted, which we considered our foundations in life. They can be

    • the loss of a beloved one
    • breakup of a marriage or relationsip
    • sudden redundancy, an accident
    • a life-threatening illness and similar events.

Situations like these it can be very difficult to live and they can seem hopeless. Apart from dealing with the immediate impact of these events, my approach is to extend the work towards the meaning and purpose of life that has been shaken. These difficult times can be the call for a change and it is then essential to explore what is called for. The healing that results form this kind of work is more than a cure for the immediate emotional upheaval but it restores the wholeness of the person.
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