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support and information

If you or someone close to you has cancer, the following sites may also be of interest of you. They do not replace medical advice and I cannot take any responsability for the content of linked websites. 

If you find some you think worth of displaying here, please send me the link via email
Swansea based holistic complementary cancer support free of charge for people with cancer

Maggie’s provides free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their family and friends. They can be found in 25 towns ans cities in the UK and online.
A charitable initiative supporting people with cancer to build an individual integrative approach to their cancer treatment.
The Bristol Cancer Help Centre, now Penny Brohn Cancer Care is a national charity and provides complementary care as well as training courses for patients, carers and healthcare professionals.
A holistic cancer information charity
Breast Cancer Care provides information and support on breast health and breast cancer, if required with interpreting service

Information about the psychotherapeutic approach of Lawrence LeShan, workshops, retreats

People Living With Cancer. Comprehensive information about different types of cancer, their treatment and self-help for people with cancer and their families.
The oncologist Carl Simonton and the psychotherapist Stephanie Matthews-Simonton developed a treatment schedule for cancer patients that can be applied in addition to any cancer treatment.

A network dedicated to raising awareness of Mesothelioma and offers special information about conventional as well as complementary and alternative treatment and support.

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