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My approach to therapy

As each person is unique, so therapy will unfold in its own particular way. This can be an exciting, challenging and surprising process. My aim is to work together with you for your growth, benefit and wellbeing. This work is aiming to restore the wholeness that has been disrupted. It means looking at the person as a whole and not only what is "wrong" with them. This involves also turning to what is good, supportive and a source of strength in the person.   

All my work is confidential and I provide a safe and non-judgemental environment for my clients.

I am an integrative therapist combining principles and practices of various psychotherapeutic approaches in which I have been trained. They are mainly Jungian and Gestalt Therapy and elements of Transpersonal Therapy as well as Mindfulness and CBT/REBT. When necessary and appropriate, hypnosis often helps to speed up and deepen the therapeutic process.

I encourage my clients to be open and curious in a friendly way towards themselves, about their habits of thought and patterns of behaviour as well as towards their dreams. I have experienced self-knowledge paired with unconditional acceptance of oneself and others to be one of the most radical and powerful approaches that we can take to healing ourselves.

In my experience each person has an intrinsically self-healing nature and I see it as a part of my work to help my clients to allow this aspect to emerge and become active. This is a joint effort of you as a client and me as a therapist. Ultimately you as the client are the final authority on your life and in charge of any changes you want to make.

Like any properly qualified psychotherapist, I have been in therapy myself for considerable time and I still consider it to be one of the most exciting and valuable period in my life. They were truly life-changing times.

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