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Psychotherapy for Cancer

I have now (2018) more than 12 years of experience in working with people who have cancer. I do most of this work in The Old Mill Foundation, a holistic cancer support centre in Penclawdd near Swansea. However, as places there are limited, I also see clients with cancer on a private basis. I received specialist training at the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre in Bristol.

The journey through cancer is a difficult and challenging one, physically and emotionally; my contribution in helping people with cancer to get through it deals with both these sides.

With hypno-psychotherapy can help you in the following areas :

      • pain control
      • nausea control
      • preparation for operations
      • supporting the body for chemotherapy
      • loss of appetite
      • needle phobia
      • treatment phobia
      • hospital phobia

A big factor in getting well again is the emotional state of a person who goes through cancer treatment. It is extremely difficult to feel positive in such a situation, but very often people with cancer hear that they have "got to be positive". In most cases cancer brings up fear, anger, despair, depression, feelings of failure or letting others down, feelings of injustice and more that are not easy to express or which the environment does not want or cannot deal with. All feelings will be looked at and dealt with in therapy.

Apart from looking at what actions these feelings direct us to do and then following it through, we look at what is good with the person with cancer rather than what is wrong with them. We look together which is the turning point in life that cancer could represent and how to create a different life in the future. Creating a positive growth in life as a result of the negative growth in the body is one of the goals of this kind of therapy. My work is mainly based on the approach developed by Lawrence LeShan and Carl O. Simonton.

If you are interested in this or know someone who might profit from this kind of support, you can arrange a consultation through The Old Mill Foundation or contact me directly.
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