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Sexual Dysfunction

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Sexual Dysfunction affects both genders and can severy discupt a relationship and undermine the person's self-confidence. Biological causes for sexual dysfunctions exist and need to be addressed by a medical professional. In most of the cases however, the causes are psychological. Stress, depression, anxiety, substance abuse (alcohol, tobacco and others) or distractions can lead to the first signs of sexual dysfunction, which then can lead to a vicous cycle of anxiety or worrries about not being able to perform, negative expectations (also from the partner) and low or failing sexual performance. With the combination of hypnosis and specific psychotherapeutic methods this cycle can be reversed and a fulfilling sex life restored.

Sexual dysfunction is not a weakness and hypno-psychotherapy is very efficient in resolving the underlying issues. If you are interested in this and want to talk with em before coming to an intital consultation, please contact me here.
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